yesterday was my birthday here is what i got!

65 inch flat screen TV

elgato gaming capture HD 60


Lego ghost busters car

Lego star wars final dual

mega blocks call of duty Brutus

football cards

more football cards

$30.00 iTunes cards

$25.00 Microsoft points card for Xbox.

Lego series 13 mini-figures

and the best present was!!!!!








mw2 t shirt!!!!!!!!!

My Future; Life, Job, Gaming, and Family.



when i am 18 i want to move to California (Los Angeles, San Diego)and graduate from USC (University of southern California) and get a football scholarship and play for four years at USC. after college i will try to get in the NFL draft, if i am lucky i will play for 6 years in the NFL as a center. When i am done with the NFL i will become an Actor in Los Angeles for the rest of my life. During this time in the NFL and being an actor i will be a Youtuber. As a youtuber i will mainly play FPS games, horror games, tycoons, and simulation games. i will also do vlogs and short movies and also do movie reviews. the games i will mainly play are modern warfare 2, world at war, GTA V, Mine Craft, madden, amnesia, and the Sims 4.



i don’t own these pictures

top ten video games

10- Modern warfare 2

9-Modern Warfare 2

8-Modern Warfare 2

7-Modern Warfare 2

6-Modern Warfare 2

5-Modern warfare 2

4-Modern Warfare 2

3-Modern warfare 2

2-Modern Warfare 2

and the best video game is





World at War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

which modern warfare is better, vote now in the comments.

1st cod 4                                             2nd mw2                                       3rd  mw3

campaign:9/10                        campaign:8.9/10                            campaign:5/10

muiltiplayer: 9/10                 muiltiplayer: 10/10                     muiltiplayer:4/10

arcade:8/10                              spec ops:5/10                                 spec ops:9/10

graphics:8/10                      graphics:8.5/10                                  graphics:9/10

characters: 10/10              characters:9/10                                 characters:5/10

overall: 42/50                   overall:41.4/50                                    overall 32/50

MW2 coming to Xbox One ?

Is one of the best call of duty games coming to next gen consoles next year? Well i think so and it should happen.
MW2 is the 4th best cod game behind MW1,WaW, and bo1 and the second best campaign mode and the best muitiplayer mode, who doesn’t want to watch Netflix on the one and play MW2. Who ever thought of this idea is smart and that’s what i think about MW2 coming to the one.